Dementia Education and Support

Lee and Teepa

Are you caring for someone who is living with dementia?

I will help you manage your time, resources, emotions, tasks, and show you:

  • techniques to approach, connect, engage, and support your person living with dementia and how to communicate more effectively with them;
  • what is happening in the brain of the person for whom you are caring so you can better understand their behaviour and be prepared for what to expect as the disease progresses;
  • how to identify the triggers that create negative outcomes and become a detective to uncover the unmet needs being expressed by their challenging behaviours and
  • to recognise and work with the skills the person living with dementia has left and not worry about those that are gone.

Your feelings and emotions, as well as those of your person living with dementia, will not be judged but instead recognised and validated.

My Positive Approach® to Care training, with Teepa Snow (, taught me that the dementia journey does not have to be fraught with insurmountable obstacles. It is possible to create moments of connection and happiness. I will be there to hold your hand along the way.

For face to face or electronic consultations contact:

Lee K Curtis – In New Zealand: 027 321 8554 – From overseas: +64 27 321 8554 –