End of Life Choices

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Do you know what you want at the end of your life?

Does your family know what your wishes are?

The majority of New Zealanders think it is important to talk to their family about how they would want to be cared for at the end of their life. Only few have actually done so.

The prospect of discussing end of life and death with your family can seem daunting but once the ice is broken, it usually ends up being a huge relief to all involved.

If you are not sure how to broach the subject of death with your family members, I will give you some conversation starter tips or sit with you in a family meeting to help communicate your wishes to them.

Palliative Care Options

Most of us die in hospital though most of us would prefer to die at home.

Is home a realistic option for you? Are there services available in your area that will enable you to stay at home? What are your other options?

I will help you determine what the best option is for you and act as a go between with palliative care team members so your family and friends can be with you.

Sitting Vigil

If the person dying does not wish to be alone and you are unable to be with them, I will sit vigil or help you put together a roster for friends and family.

Funeral and Burial Choice

Telling your family how you want your body disposed of and what kind of funeral you want will take a huge load off their minds. They won't have to second guess you or  argue amongst themselves about what they think you would prefer. You will know that you are being farewelled the way you want. 

A Sudden and Unexpected Death

This is an excruciating time for family and friends. I will help ensure that your time is spent in a meaningful manner. I will help you navigate the rules and regulations that apply when there is a sudden death and deal with as many of the bureaucratic details as possible so you can grieve and be with those who need you.

Grief and Bereavement Support

There is no ‘right’ way to grieve. I will accompany you with no judgment and much compassion.

Please ask us for a free checklist.

We offer face to face and/or electronic consultations.

Contact: Lee K Curtis on 027 321 8554 – lee@ataglance.com.au