Preparing Your Documents

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Last Will

If you die without a will, you will die intestate.

An administrator will be appointed to manage and distribute your assets.

These will be distributed according to a formula set out under current legislation.

Assets will take 12 months or more to be distributed among the next of kin.

Your estate may revert to state government control if no close relatives are found.

Intestate estates may also be more vulnerable to inheritance disputes, which can be costly and draw out the distribution process.

If you die intestate, friends, distant family members or charities you may have wished to support will miss out.

Enduring Power of Attorney

If something happens to you and you are unable to make important decisions, an Enduring Power of Attorney ensures that things will be done according to your wishes. The EPA allows the person you nominate to make decisions regarding your financial and legal affairs. In Queensland, Victoria and the ACT, the Enduring Power of Attorney also covers matters pertaining to your health and well being.

Choosing the Attorney is a decision that should be based on trust and reliability. This person will be responsible for acting in your best interests and making potentially difficult decisions regarding your health care.

Family members are not necessarily the ideal people to entrust with this responsibility because it could be a huge burden. In delicate situations, when it comes to making medical decisions, such as withdrawing or withholding life sustaining medical treatment, having a family member as the one responsible for making these decisions can be traumatic for them and other family members. You will have specified what instructions you want carried out regarding medical decisions in your Advance Care Plan.

Advance Care Plans

Very few of us die with an advance care plan.

This means that most adults have not told their closest family members what they want should they be incapable of making their own decisions.

An advance health plan will ensure that your wishes are followed and that the burden of making choices regarding your treatment is removed from your family members.

Emotional Wills, Biographies, Memoirs, Audio Tapes, and Videos

How do you want to be remembered by your family and friends? There are numerous options available. 

Those who have a will, an advance care plan, and an enduring power of attorney are more likely to enhance their quality of life when diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.